Academic Learning Centers

The Academic Learning Centers (ALCs) are certified by the international College Reading and Learning Association, and provide academic support to a large, diverse student population through free tutoring and computer assisted instruction at three campus locations.

Our services are provided on a walk-in basis to ensure that students are able to obtain the help they need at the times that are most convenient. Online tutoring is available by appointment.

The ALCs provide students with tutoring services designed to:

  • Improve the academic achievement of each student seeking assistance.
  • Better the student’s perception of his or her goals and achievements.
  • Create a supportive atmosphere for the student through helpful, effective tutoring.
  • Promote a positive role model by employing currently enrolled students to assist their peers.
  • Provide appropriate resource materials to supplement course work.

Contact the ALC

Phone: 908-709-7526
Virtual Chat with Staff: View Availability

Current Student Resources in Canvas

Step 1: Login to Canvas
Step 2: Access module entitled “ALC Tutoring”

  • Locations


    UCNJ has learning centers available on its three campuses located in Cranford, Elizabeth and Plainfield.


    1st floor of the MacKay Building
    Phone: (908) 709-7526
    Hours: Mondays – Thursdays | 8am – 9pm
    Fridays | 8am – 5 pm
    Saturdays | 10am – 2 pm

    1st floor of the Kellogg Building
    Phone: (908) 965-6009
    Hours: Mondays – Thursdays | 8am – 7pm
    Fridays | 8am – 5 pm
    Saturdays | 10am – 2 pm

    Location: 1st floor of the Annex Building
    Phone: (908) 412-3540
    Hours: Mondays – Thursdays | 8am – 7pm
    Fridays | 8am – 5 pm

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get tutoring?
    Come to the ALC on any campus and check the tutoring schedule. Whenever a tutor is scheduled to be at the center, you may work with that tutor. Tutoring schedules may also be checked on Owl’s Nest.

    Do I need to call for an appointment?
    No appointment is necessary.  Our services are offered on a “walk-in” basis.

    Where are the Learning Centers located?

    • Cranford: First floor of the MacKay Building to the right as you enter.
    • Elizabeth: Third floor of the Lessner Building
    • Plainfield: Annex, in the Library

    How much does it cost?
    There is no charge to students currently enrolled in degree programs at UCNJ. You must, however, be enrolled in the course for which you are seeking tutoring.

    Can I get tutoring for a class that I will be taking next semester just to get a “head start?”
    Unfortunately, while we applaud a student’s initiative, we can only provide tutoring for courses in which he/she is currently enrolled. Tutoring is designed to support not replace the work of the professor for the course.

    Can the tutor come to my home?
    We do not permit our staff to tutor students outside the centers.

    What if I can’t come to campus? Can I get tutoring over the phone?
    We regret that we are unable to provide tutoring over the phone. This would take the tutors away from the tutees seeking their help.

    What courses are tutored at the ALC?
    Our tutoring schedule for all the courses tutored is on our website as well as at each learning center.  We try to offer support for as many courses as possible. The range of subjects covered may vary from one semester to the other.

    Is there a limit to the amount of tutoring I can receive?
    You can access as much assistance as you’d like, based upon the posted tutoring schedule.

    Can the tutor come to my home?
    We do not permit our staff to tutor students outside the centers.

    Can the English tutors proofread my paper?
    In order to maintain the integrity of the students’ work, our English tutors are instructed not to write on student papers. While tutors will assist the student in developing a theme or an idea for a paper, they will not write the paper for them. The tutor will point out recurring problems (i.e., tense, punctuation, spelling, etc.), but will not make any changes to the paper.

    Can I type my paper at the ALC?
    Yes, each ALC has computers available to any registered student as well as computer tutors to help with word processing questions.

    Can I access the Internet at the ALC?
    Yes, all computers have Internet access. You must, however, have a UCNJ student account to use the computers.  All UCNJ students have a computer account ready for accessing. ALC tutors will help you open your student account if you have not already done so.

    Besides tutoring, word processing and Internet access, what else does the ALC provide?

    • Solutions manuals in many subjects such as Math, Accounting, Chemistry and Physics. These answer keys are placed in the ALC at the discretion of the faculty members.
    • Anatomy and Physiology lab manuals
    • Biology charts, models, microscopes and slides
    • Help sheets
    • Mathematics, ESL and English interactive computer-assisted instruction.

    Does the ALC provide online tutoring?
    The ALC is providing online tutoring using THINKINGSTORM to students enrolled in online and hybrid courses. You can access THINKINGSTORM through your CANVAS.

    Can I get a job at the ALC? 
    Yes, the ALC employs student workers for subject matter tutoring, assistance in the computer labs and at the reception desk. Applications for employment are on our website and may be emailed to us. You will need to supply the names of two UCNJ faculty or staff members as references. We will contact them for you.

    How are the tutors selected?
    Peer tutors are often recommended by UCNJ faculty. Others apply for a job after they have come here for tutoring and have achieved success in their coursework. Also, some students come to us based upon recommendations of currently employed staff members. All tutors must have achieved at least a B+  in the course they wish to tutor as well as a recommendation from a faculty member in that discipline; they must have an overall GPA of at least 3.0. We also have paraprofessional tutors (tutors who have graduated from UCNJ) and a limited number of professional tutors (tutors who have a Master’s or Bachelor’s Degrees).