Types of Students at UCNJ

UCNJ offers programs for students at every stage of life!

3 smiling union college graduates facing the camera.

This page contains information for prospective students (future owls!). If you are a present, or past student, please visit the following pages:

You are in High School

High School Students

High school students can obtain college credit while simultaneously completing their high school degree! Learn more about Owl Pathways Concurrent Enrollment for High School Students at UCNJ.

Of course, students can also start college straight after high school. Learn more about First-time College Students at UCNJ.

You are way past High School!

Adult Students

It’s never too late to finish your degree! UCNJ offers both credit (and non-credit classes) that can help you achieve your goals. Learn more about Adult Students at UCNJ.

Veteran Students

Thank you for your service! Learn more about Veteran Students At UCNJ.

You are not an American High School Graduate

International Students

UCNJ is proud to welcome international students from over 30 nations! Learn more about International Students at UCNJ.

You Have Credits from another College

Transfer Students

Transfer your existing credits and complete that degree! Learn more about Transfer Students at UCNJ.

Visiting Students

A visiting student is enrolled at a different college, while simultaneously taking classes at UCNJ. Learn more about Visiting Students at UCNJ.

You Have old Credits from UCNJ

Readmitted Students

Welcome back! If you haven’t attended classes in 2 or more semesters you may need to reapply in order to continue your education. Learn more about Readmitted Students at UCNJ.

You Have a Disability

Students with Disabilities

Learn more about Students with Disabilities.